Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fleeing and Eluding Offenses in Florida

Fleeing and Eluding is the only traffic crime that constitutes a felony no matter the offense level, degree, or prior record of the accused.  In Florida, since 2003, there is no longer a misdemeanor fleeing and eluding offense.  What's more, the legislature mandates an adjudication of guilt in all cases, which means even a first offender will be branded a convicted felon if the case is resolved by way of a plea or a finding of guilt by a judge (in an bench trial situation) or jury.  There is also a mandatory driver's license revocation, that can last anywhere from one to five years.  In certain situations, the court is required to impose a minimum mandatory sentence as well.  If sentenced to a minimum mandatory term of imprisonment, the accused person, by statute, is ineligible for any sort of gain time or discretionary early release.  If you have been arrested for Fleeing and Eluding, or think you might be, early intervention by an experienced St. Petersburg criminal defense lawyer is essential.  In many instances, much can be done to avoid the potentially devastating impact of a Fleeing and Eluding conviction, especially in situations involving first offenders or where the circumstances aren't particularly aggravating. 

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