Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Leaving the Scene of an Accident - Hit and Run Offenses in Florida

The driver of any vehicle involved in a traffic crash is required by law to provide certain information where the crash results in injury to another person, death of another person, or damage to property. This includes the driver's name, address, and VIN of the vehicle he or she is driving.  If requested, the driver must also display his or her driver's license.  In cases involving injury to another, the driver is required to assist the injured person, to include transporting the person to a hospital for treatment, or making arrangements to have the person transported, upon request.  A violation of these requirements constitutes a civil infraction.  Where property damage is involved, and the driver leaves the scene of the accident without complying with the aforementioned requirements, he or she is guilty of a second degree misdemeanor.  If another person is injured, a driver who leaves the scene of the accident without complying with the aforementioned requirements is guilty of a third degree felony.  If death results, the driver is guilty of a first degree felony.  St. Petersburg DUI and criminal defense attorney Donald J. Kilfin has handled numerous leaving the scene of an accident (hit & run) offenses as a Pinellas county state prosecutor and Tampa Bay area criminal defense attorney. 

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